fotoshooting with Korina

Korina and I have known each other all our lives and it's always fascinating to observe the eagerness and innovative strength with which she redefines herself.


Here's a little visual of how her athletic body lines testify her years of self-discipline and endurance.

Korina as a trainer

She always gives you the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and always seeks the counter-movement to maintain the balance in body tension. You can feel something happening to your muscles on a daily basis and by the end of the week you will no doubt feel the build up in strength and endurance. If you want to work on precision, you've come to the right place. With her knowledge of sports therapy and her many years of experience as a trainer, it may even be possible to solve individual knots or develop new approaches. She challenges and accompanies you in an appropriate way and, despite her guidance, lets you experience that your day cannot begin without coffee and that relaxation and meditation are important components of self-development.

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